When I tried to upgrade my Thymio with Thymio Suite 2.0, the process got stuck. How do I make it work again?

If the upgrade process takes more than 10 seconds, it means it got stuck.

Download the firmware 14 for Thymio (Thymio2-V14.hex).

Start the command line tool

For MacOS

In the ‘Applications’ folder, find ‘Terminal’ and launch it

For Windows

in the “Windows Start” button, type cmd.exe

Go to the folder by typing

For MacOS

./thymio2-firmware-upgrader –no-reboot /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Downloads/Thymio2-V14.hex

For Windows

thymio2-firmware-upgrader.exe –no-reboot C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Downloads\Thymio2-V14.hex

You have to adapt the user name (YOURUSERNAME) to your computer. To find the correct link, you can drag and drop the Thymio2-V14.hex into the command line.

Download and install Aseba version 1.4.

Download the firmware 14 for Thymio (Thymio2-V14.hex).

Connect your robot to your computer using a USB cable.

Note: If your robot is not detected or if it restarts constantly (successive disconnection noises): plug another working Thymio instead, execute point 4 and 5, then plug your faulty Thymio back.

Start the “Thymio firmware upgrader” program that has been installed with Aseba version 1.4. The icon should look like this:

Thymio firmware upgrader icon

This window should open. Click on the “Select…” button and browse for the firmware file you downloaded during point 2 “Thymio2-V14.hex”.

Click on “Upgrade”. If it doesn’t work the first time, saying it can’t find a Thymio robot, try again a few times.

When the upgrade is finished you can press the “Quit” button. Your Thymio works and you can now use it with Thymio Suite.