Thymio Suite 2.0 is released!

Thymio Suite 2.0 is the new name for Aseba 1.6.1, the current app.  It is a major overhaul with several improvements.

It is now simpler than ever to start programming your robot. Thymio Suite includes all the programming languages we maintain (VPLScratchBlockly and Aseba).

This new application connects to your robot and also lets you use an inbuilt simulator. It includes tools to easily upgrade your robot’s firmware or pair it with its dongle.

Four programming languages in one place

With Thymio Suite 2 everything is easier. Select the programming language you want to use, click on your robot in the list (it appears when you connect it) and then click on the Launch button.

It is no longer necessary to launch the “Thymio web bridge” tool prior to launching Scratch or Blockly. No need to go to a webpage for Scratch. Everything is now managed from within Thymio Suite 2.

Update your robot to access the latest features

If your firmware is not up-to-date, Thymio Suite will automatically prompt you to accept an upgrade. After you connect your robot to your computer with the USB cable and select a programming language in Thymio suite, an arrow appears next to the affected robots to signal the possibility of an upgrade.

Pair the robots with their wireless dongles

Whether you want to pair your robot with a dongle or to configure a suitcase of robots, the new interface lets you do so in a much quicker way. Select the desired option from the tools menu on the upper right, and plug both the robot and its dongle through USB to pair them! Done.

Rename your robot

It is now possible to give a name to your robot from the connection interface. To do this, select a programming language and double click the name of your robot in the list that appears (you can also right click on it and select the “rename” option). This name will be saved for that robot so that you can recognise it at the next connection.

Classroom tip : Put a sticker on your robot and rename it on the Thymio Suite interface for a faster identification in the classroom.

You do not have a Thymio robot ? You can still discover Thymio and the programming languages with The integrated Thymio Simulator. Click here to learn more about the Thymio simulator.


Thymio Suite 2.0 is not compatible with R2T2.  This functionality will be released for v2.1.  In the mean time, if you intend to use R2T2, please keep the old Aseba v1.6.1 software running on your system. Both the new Thymio Suite 2.0 and Aseba 1.6.1 can happily co-exist.

Thymio Suite 2.0 no longer supports “Blockly4Thymio“, a third party community developed variant of Blockly.  “Blockly4Thymio”, users are advised to switch to Blockly and/or Scratch v3, both of which are included in Thymio Suite 2.0.

System Requirements

Thymio Suite will run on the following:

– MACOS 10.13 or higher
– Windows 7 or higher
– Linux distributions that are compatible with “flatpak” app distribution technology

For the automated firmware update functionality, an internet connection is necessary.

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