Thymio Suite 2.1 is out with VPL3!

Thymio Suite 2.1 is now officially released!

Thymio Suite 2.1 brings interesting new features.

From now on, it is once again possible to download the bytecode of the robot and load it onto an SD card, and to execute this code quickly on any robot!
But the true innovation is the integration of VPL 3, the new version of VPL, developped by our partner EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). VPL 3 builds on the simple and intuitive graphical language that you knew from VPL 1.6, with several improvements:

  • – a more modern and simple design
  • – improved ergonomy for the existing blocks
  • – new blocks
  • – an option to customize the block palette
  • – the possibility to combine events and conditions without limits

All these new features  allow to introduce key concepts like counters, loops, and variables, which are essential in programming, even to the younger!

VPL 3 is also integrated in our iPad app.

Download the new version of Thymio Suite right now and don’t hesitate to share your impressions!

Note: VPL is a visual languag that does not require the user to be able to read. However, the help with the explanations is in text. For the moment, this is available in French and English. Italian and German versions are planned.

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