We are proud to present you our new website

Thymio is more and more used by teachers around the world. Our first priority is to help them by making Thymio the most accessible robot.

Part of this effort lies in the way we share information with you. We felt that our website was getting old and was hard to navigate. We want you to have a clear idea of what you can do with Thymio and we want a better way to inform you with all the great news about Thymio.

What’s new on Thymio.org :

Basic Behaviour Story

We created a complete story to play and to learn about the basic behaviours. We hope it will trigger your creativity and inspire you to create amazing stories to teach and learn with Thymio. Feel free to change it and to share the results with us.

Programming Thymio

We created introductions for each programming language you can use with Thymio. In the future we will add videos to discover the features of each languages.

Thymio Stories

We want to meet the teachers that are doing amazing things with Thymio in their classroom and share their efforts with the world. The first story is about a multidisciplinary project in a primary school (8-9 y.o.). We will add more stories in the future and we encourage you to follow us on our social media channels to discover them. Discover the story and the teacher’s feedback here. 

Thymio News

Until now our only communication channels were social medias. We want to share more news about Thymio. We will translate the news coming from other countries to show you what’s going on with Thymio around the world and we will keep you updated about the release and development of software and products so you can rejoice with us.

What about the old website ?

The old website based on wikidot technology is still accessible on wiki.thymio.org where we kept the creations, the forum, some contributions and the Aseba documentation.

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